Friday, May 12, 2006

xam time

my xams r running...i hav given 4 of them n 4 r remainin...its like half burden over
i m really counting my days when these xams will gt over...its gonna b a hectic life now...xams gettin over on 24th, home function on 25th, gt 2 shift frm hostel n run 2 gurgaon n joinin 4 my frst job on 1st june...searchin 4 PG's n settlin thr n then continue workin 4 five days in a week...really gonna b hectic
lets c when i m gonna blg next time...till then cya all of u!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


This Sat evening we got our farewell party to recall us tat our time in the institute is abt 2 over....2 bcm nostalgic abt our 2 yrs of stay at AIM....2 reminiscise the sweet n sour memories during the hostel life.
the theme of the party was 2 get dressup as a PROTAGONIST. i was completely out of mind 2 decide 4 of my freind gave me the suggestion 2 bcm Anjali of Kuch Kuch hota Hai wherin nt much effort has to b put in...finally i decided 2 follow it n had a sporty look complimented by a basketball.

Myself as Anjali (Kajol) and Ashoka the Great (Santosh Jena)
All my batchmates became sm protagonists like Akbar, Hitler, Ashok, Alexander, Basanti, Gabber and the list was fun 2 see such grt ppl. gathering together at a place....i wud hav taken autographs bt its against Kajol's reputation. the party started wit a presentation showing pictures of my batch, title given 2 all of us wit a momento, then followed by dance party. i cud hardly dance coz it gt very late n i had an headache by the time it actually started. cud nt enjoy much!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


countdown has begun 4 me n i m now eagerly waitin 2 c me at home...munchin sm gud "ghar ka khana", gossipin wit my mom n dad, meet sm old frnds, visit sm old places n chillax....2 days left 4 me 2 board the train 2 jaipur n then one whole day of really puts me off, i wish i cud fly n reach there bt udne ke liye paise nahi hai yaar:-((
neways will enjoy the leave for 15 days at peace coz i hav confirmed my leave frm tat chimpanzee who never leave a moment 2 frighten us....ishara kafi hai????
gudbye frm my side 2 all bloggers coz i dont think i will post anythin in the mean time....u know how i m!!!
meet u after a short break....till then takecare; shabba khair...ciao:-))

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

visit 2 botanical garden

i went 2 botanical garden(popularly known as B-Garden)with my friends n had a grt time watching the beauties of nature n takin snaps which i might put later in the blg. its huge spread across acres of land n thr. r trees brought frm various continents...the major attraction was the grt BANYAN TREE which is so massive, almost a forest in itself. it is 240 yrs old n has 2880 roots spread over a large area...its main trunk has been removed bcoz of the fungal infection bt the huge tree is still seems to b another wonders of world...must visit once if get a chance 2
then we had frolic time playin wit a balloon n actin like kids...nice outing altogether

Monday, March 13, 2006

HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's here ! Holi... Indian festival of colors ! Holi in March is also a festival to welcome in the first stirrings of Spring.
wish all the bloggers a very COLOURFUL HOLI this year!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

juicy day today!!!!

today i had 2 giv 2 ppt presentations- one on service marketing n another on strategic mgmt....had worked upon it really hard the previous day n thankfully both the presentations were gud esp. the latter one
it was all team work n i really like 2 work in grp...i was in love wit the strategy mgmt. presn. coz it was on fruit juice n we had put up sm cool photos of fruits n juices all over which were really tempting n fresh.
the images were so cool tat i even decided 2 put one of them as a wallpaper on my comp.
These ideas might stimulate your fruit consumption!
Why should we have five to nine fresh pieces a day, organically grown if possible?
For the largest part fruit consists of water just like the human body does;
Fruit is 100% bad-cholesterol free;
Fruit stimulates the memory;
The idea that fruit is an expensive nutrition;
The miraculous healing effects of fruit;
Fibers; Fruit makes you feel better;
Ethical reasons to eat fruit;
Fruit is the most natural food;
The human diet; Fruit juices - squeeze those fruits!

Monday, February 27, 2006

tremendous heat:-((

its just feb end and kolkata is blazin like sun....the temp. hovers around 35-40 degree celsius
right now i m in net lab, writin this blg n sweatin like pig, coz ACs here hardly make any effect
though in the mrng, i take bath wit lukewarm water...i might b the only person in the hostel who require geyser till now...a little irony on myself. but in the mrng its quite cold n i m prone 2 cold.
by the mid-day, the temp. is so high tat it reminds me of Jaipur
it bcoz of atmospheric pollution tat the weather conditions of many places hav changed...the other day, i was readin in the newspaper tat kolkata have moisture-laden winds which normally keep the temp. normal, bt this time the moisture content is very low n tats why the heat is soaring up similar 2 the condition of deserts
i just hope this summer abates a little n we cud hav sm respite.